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    Cupping is so hot right now!

    Cupping is getting a lot of publicity as many athletes at the Olympics this summer are using it for recovery. At the clinic we do what is called “Fire Cupping”. This involves heating the cups to create suction.This therapy is great and is usually used for sore muscles, low back and neck pain or upper […]

  • Probiotics

    Do I really need a pro-biotic?

    Yes you do! Pro-biotics are becoming very mainstream these days as ads are everywhere and you might be asking yourself “Is this another health fad?”. No, it’s not. Pro-biotics have been a part of the human diet in the form of fermented foods since the very beginning. In the past we never needed to supplement […]

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    Welcome to the blog of Raina Ferran, OMD, owner of Raina Ferran Acupuncture. I’m new to blogging so bear with me but I’m very excited to start this new journey. At the clinic I’m asked¬† a lot of questions daily and these will be my inspirations for blog posts. I also read a lot of […]